Bell tower of Caorle


With its promenade and its unique landscape, Caorle is certainly the most impressive of the many cities of veneto. His name has the city with roman origins from the past "caprulae" means as much the island of goats. Also possible that the name is of the goddness Capris arose during the establishment of the village.

An important characteristic feature of caorle is the living reef which rocks were edited by artists from around the world. Once a year, always in july, the artists come together to give life to the reef. With the ocean in the background have the works of arts a wonderful effect on its viewer. All this is crowned by the beautiful church, the angel madonna. A small church that dominates already since centuries the cultural landscape. The living reef for many tourists has become symbol of caorle.

Another symbol is the Stephans cathedral built in byzantine style artwork. This style is reflected in each column of the cathedral. Interest is the marble altar and the beautiful murals inside. Next to the cathedral rises majestically the 48m high bell tower built in 1040. The tower was built in the same style and shows the importance of the roman influence. During the summer season can be seen from here impressive firworks.

Once were in rio terra only canals today its filled by numerous shops, bars and locals. Gradually caorle became popular and developed into a much-visited city. Another destination is the beach which is divided into two parts, the east and the west side. Both well attented by tourists. The recreation area covers about 15 km along the adriatic coast. The transformation of the city began 1911 with the opening of the first hotel and continues to this day.

Caorle offers a colorful mix of cultur, charm and fun and allows with its inviting sea an unforgettable holiday for young and old.