General Rent Conditions


The booking is definitely confirmed when the agency Marine Land will send to the client the re-confirmation by post or e-mail. It will be sent soon after having received the account. With this payment the guest declares his acceptance of the general rent conditions


30% of the rent is to be paid as account directly to the agency by cash, postal order or by bank transfer. The settlement of the rent, with extra incidental charges, must be paid on arrival, at the same time to the keys’ collection. Guests will be given the keys of the flat only after having settled up.


In case the client is forced to cancel the reservation, he has to advise with a registered letter or e-mail. In this case the deposit, deducted the booking fee and the forwarding charges, will be refunded only if the apartment is rebooked. Otherwise, if the Agency Marine Land is not able to find another lodger for the apartment, the client is forced to pay also the remaining amount in settlement of the agreed rent.


The arrival have to occur on the fixed day between 4.00 p.m. and 7.00 p.m. in the office of the Agenzia Marine Land, Via della Bosega, 14 – 30021 Caorle (Ve). On arrival all the occupants are requested to show the identification papers. In case of delay please inform in advance the agency. If the flat is not occupied within 12:00 pm of the day after arrival, if not forward communicated, the accomodation will be at disposal of the Agency with the consequences for the client written in the point 3. In case the client decide to leave the flat before the day fixed for the departure, the Agency Marine Land will not refund neither the rent or the extra charges paid.


The client binds himself to take the utmost care of the apartment and of its equipment (kitchenware, refrigerant, mattresses etc.). Incidental broken or damaged things must be indemnified at the price list. As a guarantee of the accurate observance of all what above, on the keys’ collection the client will pay to the Agency Marine Land a deposit of min. € 50.00. This deposit will be given back to the client just only after having checked the condition of the apartment. If the deposit is not enough to pay incidental broken or damaged things, the agency Marine Land can ask to the guest additional money.

Condition of stay

  • It’s absolutely forbidden to host an higher number of people above the number of beds available in the apartment. On this regard, the children are considered as adults. The presence, even if only occasional, of an higher number of people as indicated in the contract, will bring to the cancellation of the contract and the client will be obliged to pay a penalty.
  • Pets are allowed only if authorized by the Agency.
  • All guests must observe the regulations of each residence regarding rest hours, especially in the afternoon and at night.
  • All our flats are completely furnished and equipped with kitchen, cooking utensils, cold and warm running water, electricity at 220 volts.
  • The client has to bring along just sheets, table and bath linen.
  • The matres-covers and the pillow-covers are not to be used as bed linen, otherwise a compensation for damage will be charged. Families with babies must bring oilcloth for the mattress.

Families with babies must bring oilcloth for the mattress.


The apartment has to be left within 10.00 o’ clock in the morning. The apartment has to be left free in perfect order and cleaned as it was found (free from garbage, bottles/tins and boxes, with cleaned kitchenette – dishes and pots included, and with empty, closed and defrosted fridge – leaving the fridge door open). Otherwise charges for the cleaning of the apartment shall be debited to the client for a cleaning done by a cleaning contractor, according to the condition in which the apartment is left.

Liability of the agency

The Agency MARINE LAND acts only as an intermediary between the client and the owner of the apartment. It means that no liability can be imputed to our agency for incidental breakage, losses, delays and inconveniences in general that should happen in the apartment during the client’s holiday. The Agency will be at your disposal anyway with its service to help and solve just only problems discussed by the client on the spot. Anyway the request of compensation for damages has to be addressed directly to the owner of the apartment, through the agency.


In according to the law no. 196/2003 “Protection of people in treatment of personal data”, we inform the guest that the personal data provided with the booking form will be treated by Agenzia Marine Land, in respect of this law, only and exclusively for the reservation accomplishment and the mailing of the catalogue.

Compentent court

For any dispute will be competent the Court where the Agency Marine Land s.a.s. has the seat.

The guest declares to be acquainted with all the above- stated rent conditions and to accept them entirely and unconditionally.